Medical and Cosmetic Tattooing

I pride myself in offering the highest of quality treatments using only the best products in the industry to achieve results and comfort, delivering tailor made treatments to suit individual needs and concerns. 

I have made an effort to train extensively in all things medical, my training for paramedical covers, scars, burns, skin grafts, also vitiligo coverage.  My Areola training was incredibly detailed where I learnt how to be an artist with the tattoo machine I can now offer 3D nipples.  So, I cover all variants of brows, eyeliner, lip blush, even freckles and cheek blush, tattooing ones scalp follicle's to gain hair line back (SMP), my objective here was to be able to offer treatments to post cancer ladies to generally help them feel whole again. (We treat men too)

Having undergone a double mastectomy myself, and a family history of breast cancer, I'm passionate about using my skills to  provide free semi-permanent makeup treatments to people who have had cancer, to help disguise hair loss, improve scarring and to help breast cancer patients feel whole again.

I look forward to welcoming you, treating you and ensuring you leave KSkin.1 not only looking amazing, but feeling beautiful on the inside too.



  • I'm passionate about providing a comprehensive range of high-quality micro pigmentation treatments, medical tattoos and non-surgical cosmetic solutions to not only rejuvenate and refresh your appearance, I am consistantly researching new tools, needle variations ask about the revolutionary new RADIO FREQUENCY treatment that's new out on the block.  Targeting wrinkles and tightening saggy jowls and necks.  Used in conjunctions with clever infused serums and peptides.  We can even taylor your Dry needling session to infuse botulism toxin which used superficially has fantastic results. This amazing nipple is entirely reconstructed, 3D reconstruction and 3D tattoo 

"Through my own personal reconstructive journey, I hope to be able to help others who have experienced breast cancer and mastectomy, to look and feel amazing!"

Medical Treatments

  • Offering a broad range of Medical Treatments including Nipple/ Areola Re-pigmentation, Skin Camouflage Tattooing and Scar Micro-pigmentation. We can quite easily disguise scars and stretch marks, self harm scars also, Areola is my favourite of all there are many options to suit the many different operations these warriors may have had, I am grateful and happy to offer this service to these fantastic ladies. To find out more about these treatments click the button below. If you wish to talk to any of the ladies to gain advice please message me I am part of many great post/pre Breast Cancer Groups and have great connections that may really help you make decisions.

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Cosmetic Treatments

We provide a wide range of modern Cosmetic Treatments including Semi-permanent Eyebrows, Eyeliner and Lip, Anti-aging Treatments, BB Glow, Hyaluron Pen and Botulinum Toxin, Radio Frequency, a pore tightening microchanneling.    

I try to use the tattoo machine method in most cases as this proves to leave less scarring of course we offer microblading but in all cases I will try very hard to convince you to go with a more upto date option.  To find out more about these treatments click the button below.


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Get in touch today to discuss how I can help you feel confident and happy in your own skin.  We also offer a payment option and will in all cases ask for a deposit prior to your visit due to the volume of charity work that I carry out.  I cannot afford to let the Post Breast Cancer ladies down.  We hope you understand. for PayPal if you wish to transfer direct.

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