Saline Tattoo Removal

The introduction of this treatment aligns with my integrity; ensuring that my clients are always completely happy with their treatments.


When I'm working on an area such as the nipple which is incredibly sensitive, it's vital that I'm able to amend and correct my work as I go along. Saline tattoo removal allows me to do this, safely and easily without any discomfort to the client. 

It can also be used across a range of different situations such as unwanted tattoo pigment, radiotherapy tattoos or correcting permanent make up tattoo - except for the lip area.

The benefits of this above laser tattoo removal is that it leaves no scar and is much kinder to the skin.

There may be instances, with especially difficult cases where I feel that Saline Tattoo Removal is not the right treatment for you . I believe in being completely honest with all the treatments I offer and the result I can achieve and therefore in some instances I would recommend Laser Removal.I partner with a professional who in these instances I would refer you to.


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Get in touch today to discuss how I can help you to feel more confident and happier in your own skin.  I also offer a payment option and will in all cases ask for a deposit prior to your visit due to the volume of charity work that I carry out. 


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