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Plasma Lift
'The closest thing to surgery'

This innovative treatment is great to target those tricky areas such as jowls, eyebags, the dredded 'turkey neck' also for those who are really not a fan of fillers this will give you a more natural glossy look overall, the end results will age with you just in the same way a surgical option would.  The effects you will see almost immediately as the skin goes through its healing journey it will pull back even more. 


A brow lift is popular and we can treat your forehead at the some time giving you that extra lift.  Down time is minimal you will feel discomfort after the procedure for a couple of hours taking a paracetamol will help, you will also have some incredible healing balm with a medicated foundation  so you can venture out of the house.  During day 5 to 10 your little dry spots will start to come away leaving smooth lifted skin.


Plasma Lift

  • More even skin tone

  • Less skin discolouration

  • Fewer lines and wrinkles

  • Brighter, glowing and more radiant skin

  • Lifting and pull back effect

  • Excess Skin will be reduced

  • Reducing acne pigmentation and scarring 

  • Minimises open pores

  • Promotes natural collagen and reproduction


Targeting Loose skin the plasma pen releases a tiny Arc that produces plasma to work on the lower layers of the skin the series of tiny marks are targeted subject to which look or area you desire to tighten and lift.  This device can be used for the removal of scars and crows feet.

Women eyelid lifting, fibroblast procedure..jpg
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