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Hyaluron Pen

Introducing the Hyaluron Pen - no needle dermal fillers for smoother skin and enhanced lips. 

Designed to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and enhance the lips – without using needles!

I deliver first-class treatments using the Hyaluron Pen, a new technology that is already well 

recognised within the aesthetics industry. Suitable for all skin types, the pen is used in a non-intrusive procedure that injects liquid fillers into the upper layer of the dermis.  

Available for clients over the age of 18, this treatment uses hyaluronic acid to plump and 

deeply hydrate the skin to create a youthful, glowing look. This no needle treatment makes it

ideal for clients who are  uncomfortable with injections but want to see similar results to those

achieved using dermal fillers.


How Long Will My Skin Remain Smooth?

The Hyaluron pen is an innovative device for cosmetic treatments. 

The pen generates enough pressure to push Hyaluronic acid (filler), biorevitalizants, meso-cocktails and lipolytics ( fat dissolve) into the 

skin without the pain and inconvenience of a needle. 

The pen works by pushing fluids through the pores of the skin into 

the dermis layer under your skins surface. This is pain free and there 

is no recovery time. Treatments are completely safe and the pen eliminates any complications from needles.

The Hyaluron pen creates a very natural look with fillers due to the

way the filler is deposited and gives the same results as standard 

dermal filler injections. Results will last 4-12 months (the same as

needle fillers) depending on your bodies natural breakdown

mechanism and lifestyle.

How Long Will My Skin Remain Smooth?

On average your skin should remain smoother for between three

and six months.  However, this does vary from person to person.  

Most people opt for a course of treatments every few months.

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What can the Hyaluron Pen treat?


  • Lip and chin and enhancement

  • Fine lines, Marionette lines (from nose to mouth)


  • Fat and cellulite dissolve


  • Revitalisation and lifting of the skin


  • Hair rejuvenation 

  • White spots

  • Scaring 

  • Stretch marks

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