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Anti-Ageing Treatments

Many of us would like firmer, younger-looking skin but nowadays most people prefer natural 

looking results rather than a surgical appearance. Lots of my patients look to get anti-ageing treatments to boost their self confidence and combating these signs of aging above 

can have a huge impact on this. 

The newest treatment we have right now is Fibroblast Therapy collegen inducing, skin tightening  ranging from £350 to £750 per session.

The right anti-ageing treatments can help in giving you a rejuvenated and youthful appearance. 

Non-invasive, anti-ageing, aesthetic treatments have been growing in popularity because of their

affordability, minimal downtime and low-risk.  

The trend of this decade is to age beautifully, with more people seeking treatments that 

deliver radiant, firmer, younger-looking skin with results that are long lasting and look natural.


Hyaluron Pen,  this is a new method of injection but without the needle.  Filler is pushed in via a big boost of air but only on the upper layers of the skin, we would carry out volume with a layering method so you can really be subtle with your outcome or should you so wish you can choose to go with a fuller look, relatively simple and safe to administer.

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Botox Treatment

Anti wrinkle injections are noted for the ability to reduce facial wrinkles, there are at least 3 great methods for lift.  I will be working with a professional on this so be sure we can offer to you along with needle method fillers such as cheeks and jawline.  The newest thing out there right now is micro channelling which is a great alternative this we we also shrink pores and you will keep movement this is a more natural method. known as the 'super facial'

Dry tattooing (also known as MCA Micro Needling) is an exciting alternative treatment that works directly on damaged skin, relaxing and smoothing scars, also reducing stretch marks. We can use the most upto date onto wrinkle alternatives to treat the epidermis and repair so tightening pores on the surface layer too.

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Radio Frequency - Targeting and remodelling collagen deep into the dermis of the skin, this is a skin tightening aesthetic technique that uses radio frequency and heat to stimulate collagen and elastin thus reducing fine lines and lifting skin.  It's best used on Jowles and neck, I will be offering this treatment in conjunction with any permanent make up option for a discounted rate.

Booster Miracle Micro Channeling Facial - This fantastic product is micro channeled into the skin by way of 'dry needle', causing trauma to the layers of the dermis which then in turn gives boosts of natural collagen, Miracle L diminishes facial wrinkles and also stimulates collagen production leaving a glossy complexion. It is know as an efficient collagen restorer.

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Stem Cell Micro Channeling Facial - 
This treatment improves the tone and resilience of the skin while making it more flexible and helping sagginess.  Stem cell boosters help to eliminate fine lines and decrease the depth of the wrinkles this in turn will give you a natural glow.  By looking after the layers of your skin you will be looking fresh for longer.

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Get in touch today to discuss how I can help you feel confident and happy in your own skin.  We also offer a payment option and will in all cases ask for a deposit prior to your visit due to the volume of charity work that I carry out.  I cannot afford to let the Post Breast Cancer ladies down.  We hope you understand. for PayPal if you wish to transfer direct.

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